Our Best Sprouted Flour Bread Recipes from Scratch

Our Top 5 Sprouted Flour Bread Recipes make it easy to learn how to bake bread from scratch with sprouted flour! From crusty artisan-style and rustic sourdough boules, from homemade French bread to sliceable sandwich loaves and buns, all the way to your bread machine, these made for sprouted flour bread recipes will make any home baker feel like an accomplished pro!

See why so many bakers fall in love at first bake with One Degree Organics sprouted flours. Grab your apron, roll up your sleeves, pick a recipe from our collection, and discover the joy of baking bread with sprouted spelt and sprouted whole wheat flour from scratch.

Sprouted Artisan Bread

With a thick, crispy crust and soft crumb, Sondra’s easy no-knead sprouted flour bread recipe is a satisfying bake for beginners and experts alike. This simple 5-ingredient sprouted flour bread recipe is packed with potential—it is equally delicious baked to the letter as it can be with the countless creative variations it invites. Stuff it with dried fruits and your favorite nuts. Flavor it with spices, herbs, and seasonings. Or savor the subtle sophistication of handmade artisan-style sprouted bread made from a blend of flours, water, yeast, and salt.

Get Sondra’s sprouted flour artisan bread recipe.

Sprouted Sourdough Bread

Don’t let the three-day timeline scare you away from making sourdough with sprouted flour—there is no more hands-on time to making sourdough than the yeast-leavened sprouted artisan bread above! An active sourdough starter, a 1-to-3 ratio of sprouted flour to bread flour, water, salt, and a little patience are all you need to make two magically fragrant boules of crusty sprouted sourdough bread. Grab a kitchen scale and timer, pull up a mixing bowl, and learn some new tricks with this surprisingly simple recipe filled with helpful tips.

Just be prepared to squeal with glee when your first golden brown sourdough ear emerges from your Dutch oven!

Try Aileen’s sprouted flour sourdough bread recipe.

Bread Machine Sprouted Grain Bread

Whether your bread machine is an indispensable workhorse or has not seen the light of day for a while, our sprouted flour bread machine bread recipe is sure to delight. With two variations designed to turn out a foolproof whole grain loaf whether you use One Degree Organics Sprouted Spelt Flour or our Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour, this easy sprouted flour bread machine recipe will make you fall in love with this small appliance every time you make it.

Wake up to fresh-baked bread with our sprouted flour bread machine recipe!

Sprouted Whole Wheat French Bread

Soft and tender inside with a delicately crisp crust, a freshly baked loaf of French bread is tough to beat. But our sprouted flour French bread recipe adds whole grain nutrition to the classic white flour tradition. And all you need is a mixing bowl and a baking sheet to make it. (No special tools and no fancy kitchen gadgets required). From start to finish, this fast and easy sprouted flour French loaf is out of the oven in just under three hours. So whether you serve it beside a summer ratatouille, a hearty winter lentil stew, or turn it into garlic bread, this speedy and versatile recipe is a satisfying way to learn how to make French bread with sprouted flour.

Get our whole wheat sprouted flour French bread recipe here.

Grandpa Smith’s Sprouted Spelt Bread and Buns

Bring out your bread pans to bake a batch of sliceable sandwich loaves or use this versatile sprouted spelt flour bread dough for buns, sliders, rolls, pizza crust, or cinnamon rolls—Grandpa Smith’s recipe has you covered! You will need a kitchen scale to make this hearty homemade sprouted flour bread, but otherwise there is plenty of room to experiment in this flexible recipe. Simply shorten the bake time for smaller shapes like buns and rolls and use a thermometer to check for doneness.

Read Grandpa Smith’s homemade sprouted spelt flour bread or buns recipe.

There are more from-scratch breads to make with sprouted flour where our Top 5 Sprouted Flour Bread Recipes came from! Check out the Family Recipes section and use the Types filter to find more sprouted flour bread inspiration!

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