Top 10 Healthy & Better-for-You Cookies

From better-for-you breakfast cookies to giftably good healthy holiday cookies, our Top 10 Healthy & Better-for-You Cookie Recipes invite you to indulge your sweet tooth—and feel good about the clean, plant-based, whole food ingredients inside!

Every healthy cookie recipe on our list tastes like the treats you crave while serving up nutrition in every crispy, chewy, crunchy crumb. What makes our no-secrets healthy cookies marvellous? Mixing each batch with simple, whole grain ingredients like One Degree Organics sprouted oats and sprouted spelt flour, plenty of love, and letting natural sweetness shine.

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Better-for-You Breakfast Cookies

Faster than a bowl of cereal. Tastier than a slice of toast. With better-for-you recipes like these, you don’t have to grow up to give yourself—or your kids—permission to eat cookies for breakfast!

Made with nutrient dense, whole food plant-based ingredients, these three healthy breakfast cookie recipes have the power to help tame the weekday morning chaos, bust breakfast boredom, and start everyone’s day with a smile.

Sprouted Oat Breakfast Cookies (Gluten-free)

Baked with three whole cups of our organic gluten-free sprouted rolled oats and sweetened with mashed banana and dates, this Sprouted Oat Breakfast Cookie recipe is as hearty as a pot of oatmeal—but a lot easier to eat on the way out the door! And with plenty of fiber from all those oats, your family will find themselves surprisingly satisfied when they smile their way through a wholesome, two-cookie breakfast!

Get this gluten-free breakfast cookie recipe and take guilt-free goodness to-go.

Basic Breakfast Cookies

Convincing your kids to start their day with a serving of veggies is easy when you hand them a couple of these better-for-you breakfast cookies! Loaded with grated carrots, sweetened with applesauce, and studded with raisins, these cookies pack satisfying sprouted whole grains and nutrition into every soft and chewy bite.

Get this easy, freezer-friendly breakfast cookie recipe here.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookies (Gluten-free)

Our friend Whitney English outdid herself with this healthy gluten-free breakfast cookie recipe. Layers of natural sweetness from mashed ripe banana, maple syrup, and a surprisingly flavorful cup of sweet potato purée pair with sprouted rolled oats, chia and hemp seeds to make every cookie a delicious celebration of whole food plant-based nutrition.

Bake a batch with this nutrition-packed breakfast cookie recipe today.

Heartwarmingly Wholesome Sprouted Oatmeal Cookies

Whether you are an oatmeal cookie skeptic or a connoisseur of this cookie category, these three sprouted oatmeal cookie recipes will warm your heart and win you over.

From true-to-classic tweaks to a cookie jar staple, to an invitation to improvise, all the way to a surprising citrusy twist, we are sure of one thing—a wholesome batch of soft, chewy sprouted oatmeal cookies beckons from each of the recipes ahead!

Kathy’s Favorite Oatmeal Cookies

Confessed cookie lover Kathy fell in love at first bite with a dear friend’s easy sprouted oatmeal cookie recipe, and it has been a cookie jar staple ever since! What makes this recipe so special? It could be the healthy fat olive oil swap and maple syrup sweetness in equal measures. Or the satisfying sprouted rolled oats and sprouted spelt flour dough stuffed with your favorite nuts and chocolate chips.

Whatever it is, prepare to fall for this beloved sprouted oatmeal cookie recipe!

Healthy Oat Cookies (Gluten-free)

While some baking calls for precision, Running on Real Food’s mix-and-match recipe is all about improvisation! With a healthy gluten-free sprouted oatmeal cookie base, this plant-based recipe includes a low-fat healthy oatmeal cookie option, and plenty of add-in variations to delight your family batch after batch.

Get this versatile gluten-free healthy oat cookie recipe here.

Kathy’s Orange-Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

Bursting with citrusy flavor, this tender twist on classic sprouted oatmeal cookies add sunshine to even the greyest day. Tart pops of chewy dried cranberries and ginger warmth pair with aromatic brightness from the zest of a whole orange (and the juice, too!), while sprouted quick oats, sprouted spelt flour, nuts, and brown rice syrup round out this joyful sprouted oatmeal cookie recipe.

Try this irresistibly zesty orange and cranberry oatmeal cookie recipe!

Stealthily Healthy Sprouted Flour Cookies

You can give almost any cookie recipe a healthy—and stealthy—upgrade when you swap some (or all!) of the all-purpose flour for a sprouted whole grain flour.

But if you are new to baking with sprouted flour, or you would rather skip the trial-and-error of making your own swaps, we have just the thing! These two recipes were created especially for One Degree Organics Sprouted Spelt Flour to give everyone a warm (and fool-proof!) welcome into healthier baking with sprouted flour.

Apple Cookies with Sprouted Spelt Flour

A diced apple and coconut sugar are all the sweetness these tender, chewy sprouted spelt flour cookies need. But celebrating fall’s apple harvest isn’t the only thing that makes these healthy, plant-based cookies a wholesome treat. This small batch recipe makes 8 always-fresh cookies—perfect for single bakers, small families, or those who know the only thing better than oven-warm cookies is having an excuse to make another batch!

Check out this speedy, apple-stuffed, small-batch sprouted spelt flour cookie recipe.

Sprouted Spelt Chocolate Chip Cookies

With crispy edges, a soft center, and the chocolate still warm and gooey from the oven, Sondra’s Sprouted Spelt Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is the stuff life-long memories are made of. Sweetened with maple syrup and coconut sugar, these simple spelt flour cookies are scrumptious whether you bake by the book or measure your chocolate chips and vanilla with your heart.

Enjoy this healthier, plant-based take on a cookie classic all year round—or double the recipe and set some out for Santa. Either way, your first batch won’t be your last!

Get this timelessly tasty chocolate chip cookie recipe with sprouted sprout flour now.

Giftably Good Healthy Holiday Cookies

After a home-cooked meal, few things say, “I love you” more than handmade gifts crafted with love. Especially when the gift is holiday baking!

So stock your treat tray to welcome holiday guests. Bake a big batch for your community cookie exchange. Take a tin as a healthy holiday hostess gift. Or ship some to far-flung friends. However you share them, these healthy holiday cookie recipes make it deliciously easy to show them you care.

Sprouted Spelt Coconut Nutmeg Cookies

Welcome loved ones home for the holidays with the aroma of nutmeg and a plate of soft, chewy cookies! This simple one-bowl dough starts with sprouted spelt flour, then turns up the texture with mounds of shredded coconut and some sprouted quick oats. Layers of sweetness begin with coconut sugar, followed by a splash of maple syrup. Then melted coconut oil brings richness to the party to get this plant-based dough ready to roll!

Spice up your holidays with this coconut-stuffed sprouted spelt cookie recipe.

Cookies in a Jar

Distant loved ones don’t have to miss out on fresh-baked holiday fun! While seasonal shipping delays can make for stale deliveries, our healthy cookies in a jar recipe ensures this gift can always be enjoyed warm and full of love. Just like the heart of the one who sent it! How? Later sprouted spelt flour, sprouted rolled oats, coconut sugar, dried cranberries, and chocolate chips in a jar, add a festive label with the directions, and ship.

When your gift arrives, three simple ingredients is all your friend needs to add to enjoy freshly baked cookies sent with love for the holidays!

Get this healthy holiday cookie how-to—complete with recipe and instructions—here.


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