One Degree of Separation

One Degree brings food straight from the farm to your table. You can see where every ingredient in every product comes from with our traceability technology. Simply enter the code.

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Trust Means Knowing Your Farmers

Our commitment to clean foods means sourcing ingredients from organic farmers who use only plant-based farming methods. With 100% traceability, you can get know and trust these farmers, too.

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Clean, Organic Ingredients

Trustworthy food starts with pure ingredients grown with methods passed down for generations. One Degree works with small farmers and producers who harvest nature’s most nutrient-rich grains, seeds, sweeteners, and other earthy ingredients.

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Natural Nutrients,
Minimal Processing

Simple ingredient lists. No artificial anything. While many food companies artificially boost nutrition, we believe in using nature’s own process, sprouting, to unleash powerhouse nutrients.

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Recipes Made in our Family Kitchen

Avoiding processing isn’t hard when each recipe is handcrafted and perfected in our own kitchen. Once it meets our high standards, it’s ready to share with the world!

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Love is in the Details

From wholesome, delicious recipes to the personal connections forged with farmers, our family is hands-on with every detail at One Degree.

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