Sprouted Oat Breakfast Cookies

These cookies are perfect for those mornings when breakfast is on the go. We love them as a little snack while preparing dinner too. Date sweetened, and loaded with high fiber and sprouted oats. They are best fresh, but store any extras in the refrigerator.

Yield: 16 cookies


3 cups One Degree Organics Sprouted Rolled Oats
1 ½ cups mashed banana
1 cup chopped Medjool dates
3/4 cup chopped pecans
¼ cup orange juice
2 Tbsp freshly ground flax
1 tsp vanilla extract
½ tsp ground cardamom
Pinch salt


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In a small bowl, mix orange juice and flax and let sit for 10 minutes.

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and divide dough into golf ball size pieces. Roll them briefly between your palms before depositing on cookie sheets fitted with parchment paper. Flatten cookie with your hands.

Bake for 14 to 17 minutes, until set and lightly browned on the bottom. Cool on cookie sheet for 5 minutes then transfer to a wire rack.