6 Sweet and Savory Sprouted Bread Recipes for Special Occasions

Whether you gather for a Thanksgiving family feast, entertain friends over holiday brunch, or celebrate one of life’s many milestones, our 6 Sweet & Savory Sprouted Bread Recipes for Special Occasions will help welcome everyone to your table.

Because special occasions are always a little more joyful when you share warm sprouted flour bread made from scratch and baked with extra care with the people you love.

Our Top 3 Sweet Sprouted Flour Bread Recipes for Entertaining

These simple but stunning sprouted flour bread recipes look (and taste!) like you spent hours in the kitchen baking a special occasion-worthy treat. But a few tricks and twists is all it takes to give these sweet—and otherwise deliciously easy—recipes an eye-catching upgrade that makes them ideal for entertaining!

Sprouted Spelt Cranberry Orange Bread

With a gorgeous ruby red cranberry and orange zest swirl, this delicately sweet sprouted spelt flour bread is a season-spanning showstopper. Serve a slice with Thanksgiving brunch. Share it as a festive dessert with a cup of tea to warm up after a wintry outing. Or bake it as a hostess gift to spread some wholesome holiday cheer. Whatever occasion you choose, adding a little wow is easy—see the step-by-step secret to the cranberry swirl on the recipe page to create this magic in your own kitchen.

Make this festive sprouted spelt flour cranberry orange dessert bread recipe.

Sprouted Spelt Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread

As delectable with afternoon tea as it is for brunch, classic cinnamon and sugar is just one way to season this sprouted spelt flour pull-apart bread recipe. Jolly it up with dried cranberries and orange. Host an autumn celebration with diced apple and chopped pecans. Or tuck your guest of honor’s favorite filling between the layers for a sweet surprise. From wedding or baby showers to Easter or Mother’s Day brunch, with so much room to play, you will want to make this flexible recipe for countless special occasions.

Add our sprouted spelt flour cinnamon pull-apart bread recipe to your repertoire.

Vegan Cast-Iron Skillet Orange Cinnamon Twist Bread

The mesmerizing swirl of Aileen’s orange cinnamon sprouted whole wheat flour twist bread may look fancy, but because it is baked in a humble cast iron skillet, this recipe fits in at almost any special occasion, any time of day. Even better? This beautiful bread freezes like a dream and holds up to a few days in the fridge! Double this sunny recipe and let this make-ahead marvel help you dazzle unexpected guests and say “Yes!” to last-minute invites knowing you can show up with a sweet treat at a moment’s notice.

Celebrate life’s sweet surprises with this sprouted whole wheat orange cinnamon twist bread recipe.

Our Top 3 Savory Sprouted Flour Bread Recipes to Share

Potluck parties, Thanksgiving dinners, and holiday gatherings of all kinds call for spectacular savory starters and sides, too. Across centuries and cultures, shared bread has been a universal element in welcoming guests and celebrating community—and these three savory sprouted flour bread recipes are ready to elevate your most special occasions.

Sprouted Whole Wheat Focaccia Bread

Fantastic focaccia bread pairs as well with humble fare as it does with fancier food and holds its own as an appetizer as ably as it does as a side. This version swaps almost half of the usual white flour for our sprouted whole wheat flour to create a loaf with the tenderness and richness of traditional all-white-flour focaccia, with added depth of flavor and a slightly heartier bite. So whether you dip it in your best balsamic vinegar, serve it with homemade hummus, or sop up your family’s secret sauce, this sprouted flour focaccia is the perfect savory bread for casual and formal celebrations of all kinds.

Poke your fingers into Aileen’s sprouted whole wheat flour focaccia bread recipe.

Sprouted Spelt Pesto Bread

With a green homemade pesto twist, this sprouted spelt flour bread stands in savory contrast to the sweet red cranberry orange version above—and it will earn equal accolades for presentation, too! Whether you bake basil brightened bread as a solo stunner, or you bookend your special occasion meal with a showstopping start and finish, this recipe wins on looks, flavor, and ease.

(Fresh basil out of season? Make and freeze a batch in summer or use your favorite store-bought organic vegan pesto).

Tear into our savory sprouted spelt flour pesto bread recipe.

Sprouted Whole Wheat Rosemary Skillet Bread

Infused with savory rosemary and topped with coarse salt, don’t let the simplicity of this fast and easy sprouted flour skillet bread recipe convince you it is not special occasion worthy. Family reunions, Father’s Day chili cookoffs, and casual gatherings big and small can be as special as formal occasions—because often it is the people you are with that matters most. You might not make it for a holiday meal served on your great grandmother’s heirloom china, but this wholesome and humble skillet bread might be the best bread to bake to celebrate with your dearest friends.

Slice into our speedy rosemary-scented sprouted whole wheat flour skillet bread recipe.

From family dinners to weekends, any meal can feel like a special occasion when bring homemade bread baked with sprouted flour to the table! Find more sprouted flour bread recipes where our 6 Sweet & Savory Sprouted Bread Recipes for Special Occasions came from. Use the Types filter in the Family Recipes section on our site to find more sprouted flour bread inspiration!

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