Same Food, Only Healthier

Your Favorite Cereal, Only Healthier

It has been scientifically proven that taste memories are among some of the most powerful we make in our lives because they involve all our senses, and—especially in childhood—are imbued with nostalgia and family experience. And while special occasions like birthdays can bring about some amazing family recipes and desserts, the food rituals that we repeat on a daily basis can form some of our strongest bonds with food.

Our family loves breakfast because it’s our best opportunity to start the day right. We do waffles on the weekend, live off oatmeal bowls, and love to dive into a quick cereal bowl with fresh fruit. Our cereals are especially good examples of how we make healthier versions of your family’s favorite breakfasts. Here’s how:

We Sprout Our Cereal Grains

Sprouting is a process dreamed up by Mother Nature and we’re just happy to follow her lead! By soaking healthy grains and seeds in clean water for just the right amount of time, a new plant starts to germinate. Vital enzymes are released, breaking down starch stores and gluten content while boosting vitamins and minerals, providing ample nutrition for your body to absorb and making it easier to digest.

We Use Natural Sweeteners, Sparingly

There’s a reason food companies pour a lot of sugar into their recipes—it’s mighty tasty—but refined sugars cause massive spikes in blood-sugar levels, lead to headaches, mood swings, and intense food cravings. We opt for lower glycemic index options—values of 55 or less are considered low, 70 or above are high—such as brown rice syrup (25), honey (50), and coconut palm sugar (35).

We Use Organic, Plant-Based Ingredients

It’s no secret that we love organic foods (we put it right in our name), but we also love plant-based ingredients and sustainable farming methods. A lot of consumers buy organic without knowing that some organic farmers are still using non-organic animal fertilizers. We choose farm partners and producers who follow time-honored traditions of crop rotation and summer fallow to build nutrients into the soil in a natural and healthy way that is always free from non-organic animal byproducts. 

We Make Knowing Your Farmer Fun

We know kids and adults alike love to read the back of a cereal box. That’s why we put the story of our company right there, along with a QR source code, so you and your family can trace every single ingredient back to the farm, meet the farmer or producer, and understand what goes into every One Degree Organics harvest. We believe that when we are connected to the people who grow our food, we make better choices for ourselves and the planet.

Feeling hungry? Grab some One Degree Organics cereal at a store near you or check out our flavors.