Coconut Palm Sugar: Good for You, Great for the Earth

One Degree Organic Foods made it our mission to find a better-for-you sugar to add a touch of sweetness to our cereals and granolas. Our goal was to discover an unrefined sweetener that’s certified organic, non-GMO, truly sustainable, and veganically grown without animal-based fertilizers. When our family began the search for a healthy alternative sweetener, […]

Our Roots: A Strong Commitment to Organic Food & Farms

One Degree Organic Foods began with our family’s belief that honest, clean food is essential to great health for people and the planet. From the start, we’ve been committed to sourcing the very best organic ingredients and sharing our favorite foods and recipes with you. In uncompromising pursuit of this goal, we’ve learned this: You […]

Researchers Focus on Sprouting, GABA

“When wheat is sprouted, it becomes a very concentrated source of a mixture of antioxidants.” That’s the conclusion of influential nutritionist Tapan Basu, professor emeritus at the University of Alberta. He shared his views with the online magazine Publix GreenWise Market, which recently printed a comprehensive review of sprouting. Some highlights: The list of sprouting’s […]

Exploring the Virtues of Sprouted Grains

“Biology is smart enough to build in all sorts of protections, including producing antioxidants and other compounds that allow a grain or seed to resist bacteria as it comes out of its dormant state . . .  Theoretically, sprouting should increase the amount of healthy antioxidants and alter the structure of the starch in a […]

Centuries of Sprouting

For many consumers, sprouted grains are an exciting new discovery. In reality, sprouting is one of those pieces of ancient wisdom that was almost forgotten in society’s rush to transform food into a processed, convenient, mass-marketed commodity. Many readers are familiar with the description of sprouted grain bread found in the Old Testament. Sally Fallon […]

Sprouted Grains: A Chef’s View

New York chef Tom Colicchio caught our attention when he remarked that great cooking “starts with an understanding of where foods are grown.” Soon after, we heard celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain say that “food, for me, has always been an adventure.” Transparency plus adventure: Suddenly we began to realize that the best chefs are not […]

Capturing the Benefits of Sprouted Grains

“The problem with eating grains (including whole grains) is that they don’t want to be eaten,” writes Michelle Madden, creator of the popular online resource The Sweet Beet, in one of the best descriptions of sprouting we’ve seen. “In their dormant, hard form they are resistant to digestion because they are saving themselves for themselves. […]

The Science of Sprouting

Food shouldn’t be a calculus of chemicals. We believe in basic math: Add together a few select veganic grains, cultivated naturally and honestly. Multiply the nutrition, the flavor, the memories. Lately, though, we’ve come upon some cool equations that have us intrigued. They’re part of a recent study that confirmed the remarkable benefits of sprouting. […]

Rediscovering the Benefits of Sprouting

When a grain begins to sprout, extraordinary things happen. The plant begins to make a wealth of proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants available: for its own future in the sun, it thinks, but really for you. Sprouting plants let down their guard — the enzyme inhibitors that work so well in the field to preserve […]