Organic Agriculture Best for Drier Future

Organic farming is the planet’s best bet for weathering dramatic climate shifts, according to a new study by researchers at Washington State University. “In severe drought conditions, which are expected to increase with climate change, organic farms have the potential to produce high yields because of the higher water-holding capacity of organically farmed soils,” WSU […]

Oil and Water: The New Organic Loophole

Consumers of organic fruits and vegetables recognize the importance of choosing produce from chemical-free orchards and fields. Many also assume that the quality of the soil is key to ensuring a healthy crop. And yet one indispensable element has gotten far less attention, until now: the purity of the water farmers use to irrigate their […]

Premiering Now: World of Nutmeg

Pumpkin pies and world history have something in common: They’ve both been revolutionized by a spice originally grown on a few tiny volcanic islands in the Indonesian archipelago. For the love of nutmeg, European royalty sent explorers and armadas around the world. For the love of the nutmeg trade, the Dutch ceded Manhattan to the […]

One Degree Film Premiere: On Golden Prairie

For Jean Hediger, matriarch of Colorado’s Golden Prairie, family is the secret to successful farming, and also its greatest reward. Three generations of Hedigers now live on the family’s land, 3,400 acres of rich organic fields outside Fort Collins. The story of this extraordinary family is the focus of an inspiring new One Degree film. […]

New Film: Paraguay’s Alquimia Farmers

Our ingredient expedition through Paraguay this past spring was a voyage of discovery. At every turn, we found stories of hope, sacrifice and joy. The newest One Degree film provides a panoramic view of these travels, tracing a path through small towns like Naranjito and Choré, where farmers labor on 10-hectare plots to feed their […]

New Film: Nature’s Sweetest Pecans

Pecans from Drew Kimmell’s groves blossom, ripen and fall to the earth in a place where motions are gentle and timeless. Here trees bend to breezes and history, shadows circle stately trunks, while sun-frosted branches sketch patterns of shade on the cool grass. It’s a place of purity and reflection, a cathedral of nature. “It’s […]

Film Premiere: Journey to Cinnamon Mountain

Cinnamon’s journey through the centuries, from the ancient spice of scripture to the scannable ingredient on your cereal box, is a story of trajectories. With a subtle shift in wind direction on the day Dutch schooners ventured into open seas, the great cinnamon plantations of Ceylon and Indonesia might never have been built. Without the […]

New Ultra-Transparent Sprouted Flours: From Ancient to Gluten-Free!

A picture is worth a thousand words, the familiar saying goes. With One Degree’s new line of ultra-transparent flours, the picture you see on each package is worth dozens of unforgettable muffins, loaves, scones, tarts, pies — and much more. That’s because each picture is a simple portrait of the actual farmer who grew the […]

The Story of Red Fife

As One Degree fans know, the most flavorful seasoning for any really memorable meal is a good story. Red Fife wheat has more than one — a history, a legend and some delicious kernels of truth sprouting in between. What we know for sure is that One Degree’s Red Fife, grown by farmer Bernie Ehnes […]

Premiering Now: Memories of Maple Syrup

One Degree’s newest film begins in a peaceful Quebec maple grove, where each spring trees planted generations ago faithfully decant the purest organic maple syrup in the world. In the village of St. Victor, the Bernard family has been collecting syrup from the majestic maple trees since the early 1800s. As nature’s chalk pastels color […]