Mom-Approved: Sprouted Cacao O’s Cereal

Sprouted Cacao O's Cereal Reviews from Moms Meet

As a general rule, 99.9% of the time, when Mom decides something, it goes. It might be rules about bedtime, homework, or what ends up in the grocery cart. Since One Degree Organic Foods is a family-owned and family-run company, we put a lot of care into creating foods that parents and kids will all love, and in our home, Organic Sprouted Cacao O’s are a favorite.

To test whether or not other families love them as much as we do, we gave some cereal to a big sample group at Moms Meet, an online community that helps Moms connect and influence brands to create healthy products, to enjoy at home. The results are in.

Moms Gave One Degree Organics Sprouted Cacao O’s Cereal 5 Stars (on Average)

With over 500 reviews from parents in the Moms Meet community, we were thrilled to see our cereal with an overall average of 5 stars. Here are some 5-star samples:

“My children really enjoyed this, my oldest said it tasted almost like Oreo cereal that she loves.”

“I loved the cereal. The cocoa flavor was super rich, my children adored it and I think they are healthier than some of commercial brands. I will definitely buy when I’m finished.”
—Rocio M.

“We loved this cereal. Not only the kids—our whole family enjoy eating this. Good taste and crunchy… at first I had no idea about this but after reading the ingredients I come to know that it has more nutritional value than others in the market, so I decided to have this—so healthy and tasty—definitely I would recommend this to everyone.”

“Thank you, Cacao O’s. We love the new cereal and granola, both healthy and tasty. My kids and friend loved it and we’ll add it to the morning breakfast as alternative to the sugary cereals we’ve been eating. Definitely recommend the cereal and granola to anyone.”
—Kay S.

Food Transparency + Health + Taste = WIN

We make our organic chocolatey Sprouted Cacao O’s with a small batch of ingredients: sprouted oats for improved nutrition, cane sugar, cacao and cacao extract, unrefined salt, garbanzos, vanilla, tapioca starch, sunflower oil, tocopherols (vitamin E), and sunflower lecithin. And reviewers on Moms Meet appreciate it!

“I really enjoyed this product. It was delicious. I will definitely go out and purchase it in the future. Now that I have sampled it, the nutrition of this cereal compared to others is phenomenal. That is the best.”
—Serena M.

“We love this company! We love that they are glyphosate-free verified and organic!! They are setting the standard very high for healthy foods, and we love that!!! The Sprouted Cacao O’s are absolutely delicious! We have tried other chocolate flavored healthy cereals and we have never bought them again, they were pretty bad. But my son ate this one as dry cereal straight out of the box and with almond milk!! And that’s saying something because if he doesn’t like it, he will definitely not eat it. We thank you so much for letting us sample your amazing product and giving us the opportunity to learn about your company. We appreciate your hard work and effort to make the whole production process transparent!! It means a lot to us as parents because we know the dangers of GMOs and the incredible dangers of glyphosate, so, THANK YOU!!! Organic all the way!!!
—Mrs. Hunt

“I hadn’t been aware of this brand before, but my taste buds were sure happy to have found it! Love all the ingredients, clear labeling, and taste. The granola was a big hit around here, especially with my 4-year-old!”

“Loved sprouted cereal from One Degree… wish they had more flavors!! My entire family enjoyed this healthy breakfast!! Great as snack too…love that its non-GMO organic and has less sugar than normal ones!”

Kids Can’t Get Enough

When kiddos eat healthy, Moms are happy—just check out our littlest team member loving his Sprouted Cacao O’s breakfast.

“My group members and I like this sprouted cereal. They are tasty and healthy. And the one thing I love is it has less sugar than others. My son is asking it for breakfast every day. I am so happy I have the opportunity to try it. Hope they will have more flavors in the future.”
—Shan J.

“Great cereal with easy to understand ingredients. My youngest didn’t think the cereal was chocolatey enough, but my older son and the kids of my Mom friends thought it was great and all asked for more.”

“The classroom kids had these for a snack and loved them. We were in a non-peanut-free room so the parents were fine with it. It’s a great cereal that is also lower in sugar than many others.”

“Our group love it! Tastes really good. Adults and kids alike. Our group and I will be buying this from now on. So glad this product exists.”
—Roselie Z.

The Final Word

It’s official: One Degree Organics Sprouted Cacao O’s are Mom-approved. Some Moms gave us notes on texture and taste, which we take into consideration as we continue to improve and develop our cereal line up. Thanks to all the Moms at Moms Meet for their feedback!

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*Note: reviews from Moms Meet were edited ever-so-slightly to fix grammar and spelling for easier reading.