New Ultra-Transparent Sprouted Flours: From Ancient to Gluten-Free!

A picture is worth a thousand words, the familiar saying goes. With One Degree’s new line of ultra-transparent flours, the picture you see on each package is worth dozens of unforgettable muffins, loaves, scones, tarts, pies — and much more.

That’s because each picture is a simple portrait of the actual farmer who grew the grains within — and your guarantee that you’re baking with pure, healthy, genuine ingredients. Never before has a flour been so transparent, so deliciously candid.

One Degree farmers are proud to stand behind their harvests. They’re fully accountable, never anonymous. And yet, the photo on the package is just one aspect of an extraordinary new dimension in transparency we’ve pioneered. Scan the QR code under each photo and see the farmer talk about his or her crops, dreams and philosophy of farming in a custom video. Plus, discover source details of each ingredient used to make the flour, down to the very last grain.

Beyond transparency, our new product line offers a remarkable range of flours to fire every great culinary imagination: Two ancient grains, khorasan and spelt. A unique heritage grain, Red Fife wheat. And two gluten-free flour varieties, rice and corn.

All seven flours feature whole grains that retain 100% of the bran and germ. Each grain is grown veganically, in soil enriched by plants and crop rotation only, and without chemicals or other dangerous substances. Later, our non-hybridized and Non-GMO Project Verified grains are sprouted to simplify plant compounds. The raw flour is then milled at low temperatures to preserve nutrients.

With corn, rye, whole wheat, brown rice, spelt, khorasan and Red Fife flours, One Degree is setting the table for an incredible revolution in taste and transparency.

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