Veganic Farming, Soil Health, and Sustainability

Why We Search the World for Veganic Ingredients The more I’ve learned about health, the more I’ve recognized how important it is to have nutrient dense food. It’s made me care a lot more about the things I eat, and I’ve learned that the nutritional quality of food is directly related to the soil and […]

Veganic Principles

Everything We Do Starts with Our Big Idea Restoring trust in food is no small undertaking. Our commitment to total food transparency is built right into our name. It reminds us that every choice we make at One Degree Organics is about connecting you with the real farmers and families who grew every ingredient in […]

Sourdough Bread & Sprouted Flours: Your Top Questions Answered By Experts!

Sourdough is a tangy, chewy-centered, crispy-crusted bread that has inspired professional and home bakers alike to create and recreate recipes using different techniques, ingredients, and ratios. The art of perfectly baking sourdough bread requires a little experimenting and creativity from every baker. Despite the endless sourdough bread recipes online with baking videos, tutorials and cookbooks, […]

Regenerative Agriculture vs. Plant-Based Organic Farming

As multinational food brands promise to be more sustainable with ingredient sourcing, the buzz about regenerative agriculture is growing. But what does regenerative agriculture mean? And how does regenerative agriculture compare to certified organic agriculture—or to plant-based organic farming? Keep reading to find out: What is Regenerative Agriculture? What are Regenerative Agriculture Practices and Principles? […]

Sprouted Oats FAQs: Questions & Answers About Sprouted Oats

Your Top Questions About Sprouted Rolled Oats, Sprouted Steel Cut Oats, and Sprouted Quick Oats—and the Answers to Go With Them At One Degree Organics, we get a lot of questions about sprouted oats. Frequently asked questions range from “What does sprouted oats mean?” to “Do I have to cook sprouted oats differently than regular […]

Organic Raisins – Large

These plump and vine-ripened, veganically grown organic raisins from the sunny slopes of California are sure to please your palate! Full of flavor and an excellent source of iron, they’re a great snack anytime!

Vanilla Hemp Granola

Gluten-free granola featuring oats, hemp and sprouted rice flour, all from family farmers committed to veganic cultivation. Sweetened with pure vanilla, plus a dash of coconut palm sugar from Bali!

Sprouted Spelt Flakes

Honest cereal made from veganic spelt, a remarkable non-hybridized ancient grain. Non-GMO purity, sprouted to magnify natural goodness and flavor. Sweetened with low-glycemic coconut palm sugar from Bali!

Sprouted Red Fife Raisin Bran

Pure veganic raisins from California’s rich Central Valley sweeten our remarkable Canadian Red Fife, a non-hybridized heritage grain brought to Canada from Scotland 170 years ago. Sprouted, non-GMO, delicious!