Our Best Vegan Ice Cream Recipes and Dairy-Free Frozen Desserts

When summer’s heatwaves hit, a freezer filled with frozen treats offers sweet relief. From homemade vegan ice cream and ice cream cake to handhelds like cookie-based ice cream sandwiches, bars, and popsicles, our collection of the Best Vegan Ice Cream Recipes and Dairy-free Frozen Desserts is dripping with delicious inspiration and easy ideas to help you beat the heat!

Creamy Frozen Vegan Sweets to Scoop and Slice

You can make these easy plant-based ice cream recipes at home—no special tools or appliances required!

Vegan Vanilla Oat Ice Cream

A blender, a freezer, and five simple plant-based ingredients are all you need to make this delicious dairy-free ice cream at home! Full-fat coconut milk creates the creamy texture and richness of a classic ice cream. Sprouted Rolled Oats make it smooth and scoopable. And a handful of dates brings all the sweetness this wholesome recipe needs. Give it a whirl, pour it into a pan. Then do your best to muster a little patience while it takes a couple trips through the freezer and blender and back again to make this dreamy vegan ice cream recipe ready for a cup, a cone—and all your favorite toppings! No ice cream maker required!

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Banana Ice Cream with Sprouted Brown Rice Cacao Crisps

What’s even easier than our 5-ingredient oat ice cream? This 3-ingredient Banana Ice Cream complete with crunchy cereal topping! Peel and pre-freeze a bunch of bananas and you have everything you need to make scrumptious scoops of sweetness appear in seconds! Satisfy surprise guests or simply chill with your children in little more than the time it takes to pull out your blender or food processor, push a button, and grab a handful of Cacao Crisps to sprinkle on top.

Unlock the magic of this fast and easy whole food plant-based ice cream recipe

Sprouted Brown Rice Cacao Crisps Ice Cream Cake

This spectacular vegan ice cream cake starts with an easy no-bake cereal crust made from One Degree Organics Sprouted Brown Rice Cacao Crisps and ends with an opportunity to deck out your dessert. We stuffed our version with a couple pints of store-bought vegan vanilla ice cream for the white base of a festive red raspberry and blueberry flag design. But there is nothing stopping you from using your favorite flavor—or your favorite summer fruits—to make this plant-based ice cream cake a frozen treat fit for any occasion!

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Dairy-Free Frozen Desserts You Can Eat With Your Hands

Some of summer’s sweetest memories come on a stick—or in an ice cream stuffed sandwich! These vegan handheld frozen treat recipes are so tasty you won’t mind a few drips!

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookies

Fifteen minutes from bowl to cooling rack gives you a wholesome spelt flour and sprouted oatmeal chocolate chip cookie base for the best vegan ice cream sandwich you may ever eat! Whip up an entire batch of cookie-based ice cream sandwiches in almost the same time it takes to shop, checkout, and get to and from the grocery store. Bake then chill your cookies (or make ahead and freeze!). Scoop on the plant-based ice cream. Stack into sandwiches. Then let them freeze until you are ready for dessert!

Make these Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookie sandwiches 

Almond Sprouted Oat Ice Cream Bars

Go beyond breakfast, baked oatmeal, and oat-topped crumbles with a scoop of ice cream and experience the comfort and flavor of oatmeal in a brand-new way. Sweet and sophisticated with a delicate coconut sugar crunch, these almondy plant-based ice cream bars are worth turning on the oven to make! Almond paste and One Degree Organics Sprouted Rolled Oats form a tasty top and bottom for handheld vegan ice cream bars so good they will be gone before your slice starts to melt.

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Raspberry Cheesecake Popsicles with Granola Crust

Hot summer days are no match for these cool and creamy plant-based cheesecake pops! Suspended in a vegan cheesecake popsicle base, tangy fresh raspberries and a crunchy granola crust offer a refreshing contrast sure to delight kids and grown-ups alike. Unlike layered frozen treats that call for several trips to the freezer, these plant-based cheesecake popsicles come together in one pour. Simply make the cream cheese mixture, swirl in lightly sweetened raspberries, top with granola, pop in a stick, and freeze!

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