Kathy’s Favorite Plant-based Cookbooks and Recipe Websites

Kathy's Favorite Plant-based Cookbooks & Recipe Websites


I can get lost in the recipe book section of my local bookstores. If you looked at my bookcase you would think I must be a great cook! I have so many plant-based cookbooks, my family sometimes tease me because I am, truth be told, a very a routine cook. Yet they see all the cookbooks on the shelf they wonder why they don’t taste anything new more often!

Why? No matter what kind of cook you are, most of us crave variety and seek out new ideas and inspiration to freshen up our cooking repertoire sometimes. The search for new recipes adds a little adventure to the day-to-day challenge of figuring out what we want to cook and eat. Isn’t that why we all love snooping around on Pinterest or food and cooking websites?

But although we have the world at our fingertips, the best finds are usually from my friends. A good friend tells me about a new book or recipe that she loves….and whenever I visit a friend, I often come back home with a new idea or recipe! That’s why I’m sharing a few of my go-to cookbooks and online sources for inspiration and great plant-based recipes. I hope my collection helps you find some new websites or people that will also inspire you to bring some new tasty food to your table, too.

Plant-based Cookbooks

Too Few Cooks in the Kitchen

Too Few Cooks in the Kitchen by Michelle Irwin is an excellent cookbook that a great friend gave me. Michelle has lots of tasty and healthy recipes and mouthwatering photos too!

Oats, Peas, Beans & Barley Cookbook

Edyth Young Cottrell’s Oats, Peas, Beans & Barley Cookbook is a book that I remember my Mom having many years ago. The paperback cover may have changed since the 1970s, but this classic has a wealth of good information and recipes and is a resource for healthy eating that stands the test of time. I still have my copy, and it’s a favorite in my kitchen.

Deliciously Ella (various cookbooks)

I really love Ella’s story and love her whole food cookbooks. From Deliciously Ella The Plant-Based Cookbook to Deliciously Ella Quick & Easy, her vegan recipes are easy and consistently delicious. Check them all out!

Brighten Up Breakfast

Dr. Nedley and his wife Erica have been such a great inspiration in my life. Dr Nedley is a champion of healthy eating and the impact it has on mental health. In addition to her blog, Cooking With Erica, Erica has written a wonderful book, Brighten Up Breakfast, featuring of wealth of delicious plant-based food.

Oh She Glows (various cookbooks)

A list of my fav plant-based cookbooks would not be a complete without Angela Liddon’s Oh She Glows books. I love all of her books and her website, too!

Plant-based Recipe Websites

Chef Ani

Ani is a friend who has a fantastic blog (ChefAni.com) with plenty of delicious plant-based recipes. I always enjoy her YouTube clips, too.

Earthy Andy

I friend introduced me to Earthy Andy and I am loving her recipes! Andrea—the author of Earthy Andy—is just coming out with a cookbook, too! She is another great find for healthy, plant-based food inspiration!

Dr. Neal D. Barnard, MD

I really appreciate the work that Dr. N. Barnard does with The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and his website and newsletters are filled with wonderful plant-based recipes.

Wildwood Lifestyle Center

Another newsletter I love getting is one from the Wildwood Lifestyle Center in Georgia. Their blog and newsletter are filled with healthy, plant-based recipes as well as interesting articles.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell and PlantPure

I appreciate so much the books and work that Dr. T. Collin Campbell has done in the field of whole food, plant-based diet, lifestyle, and health. His son Nelson and wife Kim (a chef and cookbook author) have a wonderful blog with lots of excellent recipes (with videos and livestream cooking classes, too).


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