Organic Flax Seeds

Schiestel Farms

At One Degree Organic Foods, we believe in the connection between healthy soil, crops, and people. We are passionate about clean, nourishing foods and providing 100% transparency in the food that you eat.

Schiestel Farms believes in clean, organic ingredients and values their connection with consumers just as much as we do. We cherish our relationship with Schiestel Farms, who nurture their organic crops with the same care we put into every product One Degree makes.

Organic farming is more than an occupation—it is a way of life. And the strength of their community comes out in the quality of the crops they grow.

We take our commitment to transparency seriously. Telling you where your food comes from and who is behind it is part of who we are. As our founder, Stan Smith says, “One Degree isn’t a product with a story. One Degree is a story with a product.”

That is why we’re so proud to introduce Schiestel Farms to you—and why we hope to tell you more about them soon.