In the Kurunegala district of the North Western province of Sri Lanka, in the heart of the coconut triangle, Cocomate grows, harvests, and processes a delicious array of organic coconut products.

Sri Lanka is the fifth-largest producer of coconuts in the world—and most of Sri Lanka’s coconut is grown in the coconut triangle that spans wet, mixed, and dry climates of this tropical island country.

Intense plantation-style farming in the region has relied on conventional methods (chemical fertilizers and pesticides) for decades. And the resulting soil degradation has become a severe problem for coconut farmers , who are turning to plant-based organic methods such as mulching, composting, and interplanting to help rehabilitate the soil.

And with good reason. Studies of plant-based organic agriculture mainstays like use of green manure and legume-based cover crops used by farmers in the coconut triangle show these methods improve overall soil health and soil moisture content, leading to increased nut yield with continued long-term use.

But while these techniques are new to conventional coconut farmers, Cocomate has been growing certified organic coconuts on its plantation for 20 years. Because they believe producing premium organic coconut products—from virgin coconut oils to the organic dessicated coconut flakes we use in One Degree Organics Coconut Hibiscus Tea-Infused Granola—starts with the freshest, best quality organic coconuts.

Having their production facility on their own organic coconut plantation means Cocomate controls quality from the coconut sapling to their finished products. Their certified organic coconuts are grown to meet EU and USDA organic, Non-GMO Project, and FairTrade standards—in addition to their own strict quality guidelines.

And because Cocomate’s specialized teams handle every step from harvesting the coconuts to removing the husks and shells, collecting the coconut water, and transforming their crop into a full spectrum of coconut products, offering total traceability is built into their business model.

Cocomate’s certified organic coconut flakes are made from the mature fruit of the coconut. Using only the fresh white meat from coconuts selected for their clear coconut flavor, Cocomate carefully dries their coconut to remove as much moisture as possible and preserve the rich, tropical flavor for their unsweetened desiccated coconut.

That unique taste and their commitment to certified organic plant-based farming is why we’re proud to use Cocomate’s delicious coconut flakes in our Coconut Hibiscus Tea-Infused Granola.