Olive Oil

Cho America

The One Degree family is committed to personally – and thoroughly – researching every ingredient that goes into every product we offer. It’s not unusual for us to travel the world in search of farmers who meet our high standards. One of our most surprising discoveries was in the sun-drenched North African country of Tunisia.

Here we found the perfect organic olive oil, farmed the traditional way in harmony with nature. We also got a glimpse into how the olive tree – and the making of olive oil – has shaped the fabric of life for Tunisians for over 2,000 years, and how it continues to contribute to the health of its people and economy today.

We discovered that the sun shines in Tunisia over 300 days a year. The dry climate translates to virtually no insects, which means there’s no need for pesticides. Organic farming is a way of life and has been for centuries.

We also learned how olive trees, when nurtured with loving care, can produce high quality olives for more than 500 or 600 years. Tunisians believe – and rightly so – if you are good to the trees and the earth, then they will be good to you. The soil is carefully prepared to retain water and provide the richness the trees need to flourish. Olives are gently handpicked using ladders so as not to damage any branches, and then cold pressed within 12 hours of picking to ensure a high quality, great tasting oil. Once the harvest is complete, the trees are given time to rest before any unproductive branches are pruned.

The business of olive oil touches virtually everyone in Tunisia. For some it means working in the fields or cold pressing the fruit, servicing machinery or transporting products, for others it involves educating the world about the quality of Tunisia’s olive oil.

All Tunisians eagerly anticipate the annual harvest, as the money it generates is vital to the economy. For generation after generation, it has enabled families to send their children to school and better their lives.

We are proud to partner with CHO Group and value their commitment to traditional organic farming, clean processing, and high quality control. The extra virgin olive oil they produce has a delicate mild flavor that does not overpower food, making it the ideal choice for everyday cooking.