Susan & Ben Braun

Susan Braun and her husband, Ben, live in La Crête, Alberta. There, they tend to over 1750 acres of land.

Located in the Peace River grasslands of Northern Alberta, La Crête is in one of the best regions in the world to grow oats. This is largely due to the consistent weather there. Because large fluctuations in the area’s climate are rare, the crop faces less exposure to severe weather conditions that have the potential to damage the crop and stunt its growth.

Although they’ve only been growing organic oats for the last three years, the Brauns have been a farming family for generations—and Susan and Ben have been fully committed to certified organic farming for a decade!

In 2014, the family had recently cleared new land on their farm when Susan asked, “Why would we taint our virgin soil with fertilizer and chemicals?” Her love for the natural beauty of farming inspired the family to go all-in on organics.

For the Braun family, it’s all about appreciating the little things. Susan tells us, “I love feeling a sense of accomplishment, and a job well done. I enjoy looking out a nice-looking field of high-quality crop.”

She has a love for providing healthy food grown with care for her family and for the people who enjoy the oats they grow. She has a love for farming itself, and that’s why we’re proud to use Braun family oats as ingredients in a variety of our One Degree Organics products.

Susan’s love for farming carries on to her kids—and grandkids as well. Her son, John, farms about 2720 acres of land with his family of nine kids! That’s a lot of helping hands.

It’s easy to see that growing organic oats is more than just a business for the Braun family. Organic farming is a way of life. “Farming is key to life,” says Susan. “It brings us closer to God. It’s a wholesome feeling and very fulfilling—knowing that you’re providing healthy foods for other families.”