Call it veganic flour power. One Degree Organics flours are our lightlypowdered way of changing the worldone oven uprising at a time. Our richly nutritious sprouted whole grain flours are the stuff exceptional baking is made of.

Bakers rave about the remarkable flavor and beautiful texture our sprouted whole grain flours bring to homebaked breads, cakes, cookies, and crusts. Each flour is made with only one ingredientwhole grain, sprouted to enhance nutrition naturally and make it easier to digest, finely milled with care.

From ancient grain Khorasan to spelt, from robust rye to hearty whole wheat,  all the way to glutenfree sprouted brown rice, our organic flours are a fine addition to all your favorite recipes! Even better? With a simple scan of our QR code, you can meet the farmer who grew the grain while you wait for your oven timer to ding!



The innovative QR code technology on our packaging makes it easy for you to learn about the clean organic ingredients in our products and watch videos of the farmers.

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