Pour a better bowl of cereal for breakfast. Choose One Degree Organics cereals and enjoy sprouted whole grain goodness by the box!

From crunchy flakes of corn, to oaty O’s, and brown rice crisps, our cereals start with certified organic, sprouted whole grains. Our Non-GMO Project verified whole grain cereals are certified gluten-free (and third-party tested for glyphosate, too).

Spoon up the delicious simplicity of whole grain corn, oats, or rice. Or dig into cereal sweetened with a hint of honey or a touch of cacao. However you like it best, you can trace every ingredient in One Degree Organics cereal back to the farm. Just scan the QR code on the box to meet the farmer over breakfast!



The innovative QR code technology on our packaging makes it easy for you to learn about the clean organic ingredients in our products and watch videos of the farmers.

Enter the 6-digit source code from the package.