Clean Grains, Guaranteed

You may have heard about glyphosate in the news. It is the primary active ingredient in Roundup, the world’s most widely used herbicide, and it is classified by the World Health Organization as a “probable carcinogen.” Glyphosate residues are prevalent in many conventionally grown crops, including grains. In fact, GMO seeds have been specifically developed to withstand larger applications of this chemical during the growing process. Organic farmers are not allowed to use synthetic herbicides, such as Roundup, but some drift can occur from neighboring fields. It’s a growing concern, and we share that concern with you.

Although food manufacturers are not required to test for glyphosate residues, we do. We take that extra step because we believe that glyphosate does not belong in our foods—or in the environment. We start by sourcing non-GMO and certified organic ingredients from farmers who care about ingredient purity and nutrition as much as we do. We walk their fields and know each of our farmers. We trust them, but we also take an extra step to ensure peace of mind: We conduct 3rd-party testing to monitor for glyphosate contamination due to possible drift from neighboring fields. Your health is worth that extra step, and we are proud to offer products with this level of assurance.


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