Farmer Video in the Making: A Behind-the-Scenes Peek at Our Trip to Boudjebel Dates, Tunisia

A great deal of passion, time, and effort goes into bringing our commitment to total food transparency to life. And discovering and choosing farmers who are a perfect fit with our values for each ingredient we use in One Degree Organics products is just the beginning. Capturing their stories so you can get to know our farmers (almost) as well as we do means traveling around the world so our family can meet them and see the care they invest in their farms first-hand.

While we work on editing our footage and writing the story, here’s a behind-the-scenes peek into our most recent trip to visit Boudjebel Dates in Tunisia. (You’ll find their date syrup in our newest addition to our granola line, Sprouted Oat Pumpkin Seed & Flax Granola)

Kathy learning about dates with Karim Boujbel, Ingredient Specialist for Boudjebel Dates. Karim taught us many interesting things about dates and how they’re harvested!


The One Degree Organics team in the orchard among the date palms, interviewing Hachem Belaifa, Date Specialist for Boudjebel Dates.


Watching the date harvest in action. Expert date harvesters climb the trees with no ropes—and no shoes! Clusters of dates ripening on the tree are wrapped in white mesh bags to protect them from pests and from damage during the harvest.


Kathy and Alonna with Tawfik Mahjoubi, a date farmer for Boudjebel Dates.


Kathy and Alonna at the airport in Toezuer, Tunisia. We were met by a friendly driver from our hotel after the long flight.


Freshly-harvested dates, straight from the date palms.



Stay tuned for the full story and video about Boudjebel Dates, coming soon!