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Oat Farmers of Northern Alberta

When we wrote “All ingredients from farmers we know™” on the front of our packaging, we meant every word. And we believe you deserve to know them, too. That’s why our QR code technology and 6-digit source codes brought you to this page—so you can meet the farmers who grew the organic sprouted oats in the bag you’re holding.

Just like a farmers’ market.

But our commitment to total food transparency is not the only reason we love the idea of the farmers’ market at One Degree Organics. As a family business ourselves, it is incredibly important to us to support smaller-scale farmers.

Because the smaller-scale organic farmers whose hands, hearts, and families care for their soil and their crops tirelessly from dawn to dusk, season after season are the most dedicated people you will meet.

Alone, smaller-scale organic farmers cannot grow enough to satisfy the growing appetite for our gluten-free, certified organic, 100% traceable sprouted oats.

It takes a community.

That’s why your bag of One Degree sprouted oats includes oats from the Community Oat Farmers of Northern Alberta, including:

Organic Oats

  • Julius Peters
  • Kelly McLean
  • Abe N. Dyck
  • Peter Wiebe
  • Bernie Driedger
  • Julius Peters