Our Roots: A Strong Commitment to Organic Food & Farms

One Degree Organic Foods began with our family’s belief that honest, clean food is essential to great health for people and the planet. From the start, we’ve been committed to sourcing the very best organic ingredients and sharing our favorite foods and recipes with you.

In uncompromising pursuit of this goal, we’ve learned this: You really don’t know your food until you’ve discovered where it comes from, meet the people who grow it, and understand their dedication to caring for their crops and the soil.

The modern industrial food system focuses on quantity over quality, profit over benefit. Even with significant increases in technology and knowledge, our health and well-being has generally not improved as might be expected. Information on food packaging and even in the news is often incomplete and even dishonest. Many foods are contaminated with toxins and deficient in nutrients.

Our family and team do rigorous homework when sourcing every ingredient. Each time we select a new one, we personally visit the place where it’s grown or produced. We sit down with the farmers and producers to create videos and profiles because we want to introduce you to the dedicated, hardworking people who are the real source of your food.

The name One Degree Organic Foods stands for transparency: When you eat our foods, there’s only one degree of separation between you and the source. By connecting you with inspiring farmers and their farms, we want to assure you that you’re getting the cleanest, most delicious organic food available.

Organic farming practices demand significantly more labor than conventional methods, from meticulous record-keeping to the countless steps organic farmers take to protect the soil, water, air, and biodiversity. But far from complaining, each One Degree farmer is positively passionate that farming this way is part of the solution. Here, we’ve gathered how a few of them express their commitment in their own words. Click their images to learn more:

“Everything that Mother Nature put here on the earth has a purpose, just like you and me. When it comes to Mother Nature, she’ll always tell you what you can and cannot do. You’ve got to be able to work with her instead of trying to manipulate her.”

Bob Balfour, R&R Balfour Organics, Riceton, Saskatchewan

“When I first started, organic was strictly a money thing to me.… Then two years down the road I started saying, ‘This is a moral thing, not a money thing. It’s an ethical thing, understanding what all these chemical sprays and fertilizers actually do to the human body.’”

Bernie Wickenheiser, Wickenheiser Organic Farms, Hays, Alberta

“The fact that we grow good food for people … it just eases your conscience. Because you know you’re not poisoning somebody. You’re trying to do the best you can to supply them with the healthiest food.”

Dwayne Woolhouse, Crestview Organic Farms, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

“In my office, I’m surrounded by forms. We document everything so there’s traceability all the way down the line. If there’s a problem, I can tell you exactly what happened.”

Iain Cleator, MD, Cleator Organic Farms, Wynard, Saskatchewan

“Working organically, we’re doing something for the next generation. We are living on the Earth. We do not own it. We are just guests, and we have to leave it as healthy as possible for the next generation.”

Gotz Kroener, The Kroener-Staerke Mill, Ibbenburen, Germany