One Degree Film Premiere: On Golden Prairie

For Jean Hediger, matriarch of Colorado’s Golden Prairie, family is the secret to successful farming, and also its greatest reward. Three generations of Hedigers now live on the family’s land, 3,400 acres of rich organic fields outside Fort Collins.

The story of this extraordinary family is the focus of an inspiring new One Degree film. These video farm documentaries, accompanied by feature articles and photos, are where transparency comes alive for our brand, as well as for our customers.

“Farming isn’t a business, it’s a lifestyle, especially organic farming,” Jean told us as we toured fields planted with millet, a hearty ancient grain. “It’s a total immersion and commitment to a process, to our planet and to food consumers. We consider ourselves to be extremely lucky to be able to farm high quality organic foods. We’re the lucky ones to do a job we love.”

Millet is a rare sight among North America’s waves of monoculture grains. Golden Prairie’s high elevation, cool nights and warm summer days make it the perfect location for cultivating an abundant harvest. In turn, millet is perfect for health-conscious customers: The farm’s signature grain is rich in nutrients, including zinc, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin E, niacin, B vitamins, riboflavin, folate, magnesium and essential amino acids. It’s high in protein and fiber, certified gluten-free, and great for anyone with wheat sensitivities.

As you’ll notice in our film, Jean warmed quickly to One Degree’s concept of total transparency. “We care about who we work with,” she says. “I’m blessed to say I don’t have to work with everybody who wants to work with us, there’s such a demand for our product. I love working with great companies. We’re all lucky to have each other. I’m ecstatic to be working with a company that really cares about where their food comes from.

“It’s one of the reasons I’m really interested in being associated with One Degree. Transparency in agriculture and in all parts of life is essential. We think helping consumers see where their food comes from and the process is essential, to understand. Any company that’s interested in going this far to educate the consumer — it’s a bravo from us.”

We invite you to spend some time on the Colorado plains savoring the hospitality of the Hediger family. Begin your visit with our film premiere below. Or enjoy the video along with photos and an essay on our website: