The Storied Grain: April Edition

April’s Storied Grain spans the centuries, focusing on ingredients and values made to stand the test of time.

Our Veganic Ancient Whole Wheat bread is the perfect cornerstone for this theme, featuring both an ancient grain that consumers have begun to rediscover, and the bold new trend of transparency that industry leaders continue to embrace.

Ancient Whole Wheat’s pure original grain is khorasan, a non-hybridized wheat variety that was prized by many ancient civilizations, long before corporate laboratories found a way to profit by scrambling the DNA of plants, or pairing seeds with designer chemicals. Not surprisingly, nature’s genuine varieties are richer in nutrients and more easily digestible than today’s mass-market grains.

The April newsletter also includes a visit with one of our heroic farmers, Bernie Ehnes of Alberta. One of his specialties is Red Fife, another original wheat variety. Its family tree is not as extensive as khorasan, but just as intriguing. The particular strain grown by Bernie was first brought to Canada from Scotland 170 years ago.

Bernie’s farm, too, has stood the test of time. His family recently marked their centennial on the land, an incredible success story that began when his grandparents immigrated from Crimea.

Back to the future, The Storied Grain tracks the progress of a powerful idea that is changing the industry: transparency. Natural food innovators who gathered last month at Expo West continue to celebrate the concept, and every list of food-transparency pioneers prominently features One Degree. Transparency is a value that’s here to stay, and we’re proud that it has become an indispensable standard for healthy, honestly-sourced food.

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