The Storied Grain: March Chapter

March has a special place on the One Degree calendar. With its promise of spring, it reminds us of renewal: plants awakening from the dreams of winter, triangles of birds in the sky, farmers clearing a path for the long passage to harvest.

This year, March also premieres the fifth edition of our popular e-newsletter, The Storied Grain. Our new issue highlights the extraordinary story of Jed Franklin, the farmer who mans One Degree’s far northern perimeter in Chetwynd, British Columbia.

Soft-spoken and thoughtful, Jed has a contagious enthusiasm for his work — the hard work of growing pure veganic oats and flax in a cold, lonely expanse of the North American continent. The first time we wrote about Jed, we titled the article The Window of the Day, based on what is still a quietly inspirational glimpse into the daily world of a farmer in love with Creation:

“As much as Jed values the powerful nutritional value of his flax, what he loves most are its magnificent morning premieres. ‘It’s one of my favorite crops to see,’ he says. ‘It blooms a beautiful blue color, the whole field turns blue in the morning. It blooms by about eight o’clock and then by say one o’clock it sheds all its petals. There’s a window of the day when it’s just beautiful blue, and then it sheds the petals and the field turns back to green. And then the next morning a new set of flowers will bloom.’”

Click through the newsletter article to enjoy the whole story. And along the way, try some of the new veganic recipes we’ve included in this issue; read about our commitment to sustainability; and discover why sprouted spelt flour and sprouted whole wheat flour have become fan favorites.

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