Breaking News: The Rise of Lentil Grain Bread

Students of crop rotation know how well grains and legumes work together in the field. This month’s issue of our e-newsletter leads with the story of how that perfect collaboration continues beyond the harvest with our most popular bread line, Lentil Grain.

Writing in National Public Radio’s kitchen blog, Julie O’Hara traces the noble history of a supremely modest ingredient:

“Along with the Egyptians, the ancient Romans and Hebrews commonly ate lentils, which are mentioned several times in the Bible — most notably in the Genesis story of brothers Jacob and Esau. Esau, the firstborn, sells his birthright to Jacob for some lentil stew.

“Lentils remain a staple in Middle Eastern and Indian diets, and are popular in cuisines throughout the world.

“As a superfood, they are rich in protein — without the fat or cholesterol of animal sources — and provide B vitamins, magnesium, iron and zinc. In fact, lentils have the second highest protein content of all legumes, after soybeans. Because they are so high in protein, lentils are often a meat substitute in vegetarian diets. Pair them with a whole grain, such as brown rice, and you have a complete vegetarian protein source, meaning all the essential amino acids are present.

“The soluble fiber in lentils helps lower cholesterol and may benefit those at risk for heart disease and diabetes. Lentils are also an excellent source of folate, a vitamin that helps the body build new cells. It is an especially important nutrient for women who are either pregnant or planning to become pregnant.”

The Storied Grain’s profile builds upon that theme: “Our Lentil Grain bread is an incredibly high-energy food with 6 grams of protein per slice, making it the perfect morning energy source. Plus, its wide-pan format is just the right size for making great sandwiches.

“Like all One Degree breads, every ingredient is easily traceable, every crop has been veganically grown and certified organic, and every grain is sprouted to improve digestibility and bioavailability of nutrients.”

Joining Lentil Grain bread in the spotlight for the February issue is its one indispensable ingredient: a great farmer. Bob Balfour of Riceton, Saskatchewan cultivated the flavorful veganic lentils in every loaf of One Degree’s Lentil Grain bread.

As you may already suspect, there’s a remarkable story behind both the pure ingredient and the heroic farmer. Read all about it by clicking on the link below. Plus, enjoy some of our favorite veganic recipes that we’ve posted in this issue, and discover the prize linked to our third story. If you’re not yet a subscriber, signing up for future issues is as simple as visiting the home page of our Web site:

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