The Storied Grain: Chapter 2

The latest issue of our popular e-newsletter, The Storied Grain, has been hitting in-boxes across North America. Just as with our premier issue, this edition features a taste of adventure, as the One Degree team circles the globe in search of the highest quality ingredients for our breads, flour and cereals.

Come along as we discover pure ancient salt in Utah and irresistibly delicious coconut palm sugar in Java. Plus, learn more about One Degree’s fresh new concepts of transparency and veganic cultivation.

Veganic is a new term for some very traditional common sense. Veganic crops are nature’s varieties, planted by farmers with principles, grown without exposure to chemicals or animal-based fertilizer, or the hormones and chemicals animal by-products often contain. Veganic is a step beyond organic — a step toward greater purity, greater health benefits and a safer food supply.

Also included in our new issue is a special roundup of blog stories about the growing GMO threat. This week we redouble our efforts to fight against the encroachment of laboratory-created plant varieties in food and on pristine agricultural fields.

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Unwrap the new issue of The Storied Grain here.