One Degree Debuts on YouTube

Nearly a century ago, RCA began the radio revolution with a banner that became recognizable to many generations: the image of a fox terrier listening intently to a voice crackling within the trumpet of a cylinder phonograph.

So much has changed since then. There’s no longer a Radio Corporation of America, and scarcely a radio to be found that has been built in America. Fireside chats have given way to cable news cacophonies. Radio dramas made way for golden age television shows, which made way for the uncanny delusions of reality programming.

And yet, there’s something timeless about Nipper, the dog who inspired the icon. Like him, we still gaze into the latest technology, trying to make sense of it all. And technology continues to present us with much to be curious about.

Enter YouTube. For those who grew up adjusting rabbit ears atop oval-screen consoles, the whole idea of this transformational medium still seems implausible. Not even the New York World’s Fair hinted at a technology that would allow a viewer to follow riots in Tahrir Square in the morning and watch a kitten fight its way out of a paper bag in the afternoon, all on a portable screen that could be unpacked anywhere, and connected to almost anything.

This incredible technology demands very little from the viewer, but we should demand at least this much of ourselves: that we put it to good use. And that’s why One Degree is now on YouTube. Some might say there’s no better match than the company that is revolutionizing the food industry and the company that is revolutionizing everything else.

We invite you to tune in to our channel, enjoy a visit with our farmers, and become a part of the online conversation. Discover what’s truly special about the families who grow our seeds and grain. Follow our journeys and our stories. And the moment you feel you are missing something happening on the vast World Wide Web, remember you’re still in the right place: The kitten in the bag is just a mouse click away.

Explore One Degree on YouTube here: