Sugar Safari Through a Coconut Kingdom

Every One Degree ingredient has a story — and coconut palm sugar may have the most enthralling one yet.

It’s a story as sweet as our veganic raisins, as timeless as our ancient salt, and as exotic as a Rudyard Kipling tale, if Kipling had ever set an adventure within the rounded confines of a cereal bowl.

It was among the rich tropical forests, gardens and landscapes of Java on the Indonesian archipelago that we discovered coconut palm sugar, an organic sweetener that is good for your health, good to the land, and good for the people who have scaled coconut trees, warmed nectar over open hearths, and ladled the buttery caramel syrup into coconut molds for generations.


Big Tree Farms is the prime mover behind the successes and immense transformations we saw on our journey. Founded less than a decade ago by Ben and Blair Ripple on the nearby island of Bali, this unique enterprise has prospered — and brought new prosperity to communities — by introducing the fruits of traditional farming to the world. As a direct result of the faith, energy and idealism of Ben, Blair and partner Frederick Schilling, one of the world’s oldest sweeteners is now poised to become one of the world’s most exciting rediscoveries.


Our new video chronicles the whole inspiring story, from palm blossom to golden cauldron, from sugar house to chocolate palace. We invite you to click on the link below, then imagine yourself a world away, perhaps even back in time, as you travel on an incredible sugar high to a sweet and happy land, the newest corner of the One Degree community: