Film Premiere: Yeast’s Molasses-Sweet Story

Over the past year, the search for outstanding ingredients for our new brand has taken us to some pretty exciting places.

We found vital wheat gluten in Germany, and met the man who has revolutionized the way organic gluten is produced throughout Europe. We found pure veganic sesame seeds in Oaxaca, Mexico, and saw a tightly interconnected community that respects the land and believes in its crop.

For the best yeast we could find, our trip took us right around the corner. Not far from One Degree offices in the Vancouver, Canada area, we discovered a small family business that has been producing high-quality yeast for a quarter century. Pacific Fermentation is a success story written in dreams and dedication by Dr. Sai Lee, a respected microbiologist with a finely tuned ethical and environmental consciousness.

Last month the One Degree media team visited Dr. Lee and his daughter Celine, who serves as the facility’s general manager. We learned a lot about yeast, and discovered even more about Pacific Fermentation’s commitment to non-GMO ingredients that are free of the exotic chemical compounds large industrial food companies so often use.


Begin your visit with our film premiere below. Or enjoy the video along with photos and an essay on our website.