Video Profile: Rowland Seeds

Our newest film production comes straight from “the California of Canada.” That’s what farmer Roy Brewin calls his golden corner of Alberta, where he grows an impressive range of high quality veganic crops for One Degree breads, flour and cereal.

Roy’s grains and seeds get their tans in the long sunny days of the region. The farm has been organic since 1984, the year Roy took a stand against the giant chemical companies that were seeking not only to control access to seeds, but to change the very nature of the seeds through genetic reengineering. The oppressive contracts the companies tried to force on fiercely independent farmers like Roy didn’t help their case either.

Honoring the miracle of the seed is what Roy’s farm is all about. It’s the foundation for every bountiful crop, every nutritious grain, every success. It also provides the greatest reward, the ultimate joy of being a farmer.

“It’s a feeling of accomplishment, just planting that tiny little seed and watching what it develops into,” he told us. “It’s amazing the way it grows.”

View a short preview of Roy’s story below, and then watch the full feature at our website. See what the immense power of the simple seed, together with the resolute determination of one farmer, have created on these golden plains.