Veganic Farming in Practice: Jed Franklin

British Columbia farmer Jed Franklin is an enthusiastic student of nature, which is an essential trait for any veganic farmer.

Without animal inputs, the fields must be enriched by using smart farming techniques, including complex crop rotations and plowing down plants such as alfalfa and clover. He has discovered that legumes are an especially effective way to add nitrogen to the soil, ensuring that the flax he supplies to One Degree is a resilient crop, full of nutrients.

“All the nitrogen you get from whatever source comes from plants,” he observes. “Even if it’s manure, it originally came from the plant.”

His conscientious approach to the land has won admiration from the few neighbors Jed has. “One neighbor stopped by and said, you know, I know we do it a different way, but you’re doing it the way it should be done.”