Film Profile: Vale Farms

Vale Farms in the heart of British Columbia’s Lumby Valley is an agricultural treasure. It’s the iconic farm we all carry in our imagination, the one we’d want to spend our childhoods roaming if we had the chance to begin again; a place to learn about nature, our world and ourselves.

At the heart of the remarkable enterprise is Don Hlaydich, a farmer with a lifelong devotion to this magnificent land. Don supplies veganic spelt for One Degree products, but his farm offers some other indescribable comforts: a feeling of belonging, a passion for honest organic cultivation, and a sense that this is the way a family farm is supposed to be.

The fact that Don and wife Emily run a nature-centered school for young children on the property is one more clue that this is a very special place. Nearly 20 students are enrolled, including the couple’s three young daughters.

“They are out in the spelt field when we work on the field, they are out there looking at it and learning about the processes of the soil,” Don told us. “And they always go out and hand-harvest a couple of bushels of the grain, and then they hand thrash it and then grind it up and make it into flour, and then use that to make bread.”

Begin your visit with our film premiere below. Or enjoy the video along with photos and an essay on our website.