Film Profile: The Flavors of Mexico

“We invite you to come out here and visit us. Come check out the farm and come meet us in person. You’re always welcome.”

That was the characteristically warm invitation farm worker Ponciano Bautista Perez offered to One Degree customers in November when we visited Agroproductos Ecológicos de Mexico, the source of our pure veganic sesame seeds.

For those unable to make the voyage to Oaxaca in southwestern Mexico, our film production team has unveiled the next best thing: a video profile of an agricultural cooperative that supports hundreds of families in the region while staying true to tradition, community and honest cultivation. Sesame seeds have grown here naturally for thousands of years; and the farmers still prefer to ask blessings for their seed from above, rather than trust in the latest chimerical seed creations of GMO conglomerates.

“The job we do here is hard work, it’s all manual labor, but it’s all natural and we know we created a great product,” added Ponciano.

We knew it too, as soon as we began meeting the people and walking the land. Discover for yourself by viewing the short preview film below and watching the full feature at our website. Then imagine how much better sesame seeds might taste when you know they are planted with pride, cultivated with timeless wisdom, and harvested in celebration.