Video Vignette: Crestview Organic Farms

More than a destination, veganic farming is a journey — a way principled farmers grow crops without the use of chemicals, compounds or animal inputs of any kind.

A special kind of farmer thrives on this road less traveled. We’ve seen it among all the veganic farmers we’ve visited: self-reliant individuals with a deep respect for nature, a devotion to family and community, and an expansive creative intelligence.

Dwayne Woolhouse is a prime example. Without chemical safety nets, his inventiveness thrives on his farm in southern Saskatchewan. For example, he has developed his own machinery to control weeds, a remarkable invention that he shares with other farmers in the region. The five-sided house which he built himself with used lumber features a passive solar heating system. And he has learned how to enrich his soil naturally, yielding bountiful harvests of flax for our Veganic Flax & Spelt bread, and khorasan wheat, also known as Polish wheat, for our Veganic Sesame Sunflower and Veganic Ancient Whole Wheat breads.

Our new film allows you to explore the land where these quality grains are grown, and to meet the man whose supple brilliance makes it all possible. View the short preview below, and then enjoy the full-length version on our website.