Premiering Now: California Raisins on Tour

Not since a group of claymation raisins formed a rhythm and blues band has there been anything so sweetly entertaining in the vineyard. It’s One Degree’s newest film, the story of plump, delicious raisins from California whose confectionary talents take them to the pinnacle of their profession: to loaves of warmly sliced One Degree veganic bread.

There, working in close collaboration with sprouted grains, they add an indescribable natural sweetness to such classics as Flax & Spelt and Sesame Sunflower, playing on platters in dining rooms and kitchens across North America.

This wrinkled reality show unfolds south of Fresno, in an organic vineyard managed by Natalie Soghomonian. Natalie is a third generation farmer; and, as the middle daughter of owners Joe and Johnni Soghomonian, is part inspiration for the farm’s famous Three Sisters label.

In her idyllic vineyard, each grape is cultivated with patience, hand-picked and allowed to dry naturally. Until then, Natalie does all the touring for the precocious grapes — riding her old bike through the fields each day to check on their progress.

Begin your visit with our film premiere below. Or enjoy the video along with photos and an essay on our website.