New Film: Lentils in a Wide-Angle Lens

More good, with simply less. It’s the way veganic farmers like Bob Balfour think about the land: Stay true to nature. Build richness in the soil, nutrients in the plant. Bring change to the world one harvest at a time.

Using less means more than doing without herbicides, chemical fertilizers and animal inputs on the fields. It’s a concept that applies in the kitchen and dining room too. The rich nutritional value of organic foods means that the body usually needs to consume less of it to feel satisfied. Essentially, people crave less because there’s so much more in every slice or spoonful.

That’s one of the many insights we took away from our trip to southern Saskatchewan in late September, when the One Degree media team began documenting Bob’s success — sometimes against long odds — in growing healthy veganic lentils for our products.

Now the final videos based on this rewarding visit are ready for viewing: a feature posted to our Web site, and a shorter version that consumers will be able to see once they scan the QR code on any One Degree product that contains Bob’s high-fiber, high-energy lentils.

Begin your visit with our film premiere below or see the full story of a principled farmer’s devotion to clean food, clean air and clean water at our website.