Film Premiere: Land of Flax and Oats

Jed Franklin doesn’t get many visitors to his farm in far north British Columbia, unless you’re counting owls, bears and the occasional moose. That all changed in late October when the One Degree media team arrived with cameras, microphones and a long list of questions, all of which were answered with grace by this humble, principled man.

We were there to document Jed’s success in growing veganic flax and oats, crops which thrive in the cool nights and long warm days of this naturally rich region. Finding this pure veganic source for our breads, cereals and flour was a gratifying development for us, and a delicious one for our customers.

“The quality of the crops that come out of this area are really world renown,” Jed told us. “Grain millers pay a premium for it. The oats are the plumpest, fullest and best looking that they can find from anywhere in North America. And our flax has the highest oil content per seed.”

Our new film chronicles Jed’s approach to farming, which is not simply honest, ethical and sustainable — but also joyful. We invite you to tour the blue-green landscape by viewing the short preview below. And then enjoy the full story, unfolding now on our website.