One Degree Explores Veganic Spelt Field of Dreams

Vale Farms in the heart of British Columbia’s Lumby Valley is an agricultural treasure. We were lucky to find a source for high-quality veganic spelt there, but it was just as satisfying to discover a multigenerational family farm with a strong devotion to sustainability.

Last week the One Degree film team walked the fields and visited with Vale’s Don Hladych. It was immediately clear that the abundance of his land is no accident — it’s the direct result of hard work, deep values and a commitment to stewardship.

“A lot of people think that organic production is just harvest whatever comes,” said Don. “It’s not that at all, it’s still very much active farming and trying to feed and build your soil.”


The more we talked with Don, the more we were certain that this is the kind of farmer we want associated with our brand, a farmer our customers can trust.


“Going organic, you do it as a life choice, those are your values, more so than you’re looking for other markets. If you try to come at it from a business aspect, I think that you sort of approach it from the wrong thought process.”

There’s so much more to the story of Vale Farms, and our post-production team is working to fit it all into the final video. For example, Vale Farms dedicates a large area of land as a wildlife refuge, and actively aids salmon restocking efforts. The family also runs a small school for young children on the property, where kids learn about nature and farming.

Don summed up the story perfectly (and did it in a way that had us quietly hoping we’d soon be invited to the dinner table!): “When you produce food like this, it’s amazing to eat it. That’s the ultimate end to what you were doing. And to be able to eat it and have so much flavor and feel so good that what you’re putting on your family’s table is the healthiest that you could possibly do, there’s a lot of pride in that.”