The Story of Salt

Behind every ingredient in our One Degree products there is a story. We traveled to Redmond, Utah where we visited the Real Salt mine. That’s the source of the purest salt we’ve ever found. The vast deposit is the surviving remnant of an ancient sea. What this ancient salt has — all of the trace minerals nature intended — is just as important as what it doesn’t have — the runoff, the radiation, the pollution and man-made compounds. The balance of natural sodium with elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus is in sync with the body’s own chemistry, eliminating some of the problems sometimes associated with heavy salt intake.

We’re so excited to share a little sneak preview with you! The full story is coming soon so keep posted!

You can also check out the full story and a photo essay from our visit on our website. We’re working with our designers to get the layout and design just right but take a look!