Honest Sources, Down to the Last Grain of Salt

In search of the purest salt in North America, the One Degree team has traveled hundreds of miles — and far back in time — to Redmond, Utah.

Our visit in late June to the Real Salt company took us deep into a vast salt deposit that is the surviving remnant of an ancient sea. Over the ages volcanic ash sealed this site, protecting it from the types of chemicals and other forms of contamination that are sometimes present in brands marketed as sea salt.

Real Salt provides “salt the way salt was meant to be savored,” says Darryl Bosshardt, grandson of one of the company founders. “It is straight from the earth. We don’t heat it. We don’t process it. We crush it up and put it in the shaker.”


There’s a great story behind this family and their company, and our team spent several days on- site filming and peppering the Real Salt folks with questions, with the goal of bringing their inspiring narrative — and astonishingly flavorful seasoning — to a wider audience.

Consumers will soon be able to learn all about the purity and benefits of this healthful, prehistoric salt by viewing the resulting video on the One Degree Web site or scanning the QR code on a One Degree package with a smart phone. Stay tuned!