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Simple. Pure. Delicious.

You might say we’re awfully sentimental about food. We remember back to the way it used to be: grown locally by honest families we knew. Glorious harvests of naturally cultivated grains. True ingredients, prepared simply. It’s time to rediscover these methods, perspectives and virtues – treasures that we almost lost, somewhere in the past.

  • Cereal

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    Change comes in surprising ways. One day you wake up, tilt a box toward your breakfast bowl, and suddenly the world is different: Sweetened by coconut palm sugar. Revitalized by sprouted grains. Add a dozen ripe strawberries, and there’s no going back.

  • Bread

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    Great bread starts with some extraordinary ingredients: Good feeling, inspired cooking and just plain fun. Sprout each nutrient-rich grain, bake in generous measures of joy, and great becomes legendary, a meal to remember.

  • Flour

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    “Let a hundred flowers bloom,” a revolutionary once said. We say: Let a hundred sprouted flours rise! Call it veganic flour power. It’s our lightly-powdered way of changing the world, one oven uprising at a time.

  • Seeds

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    A seed is a simple goodness with ornate plans. To be human is to be awed by the creative power of every seed. To be alive is to savor their wondrous flavors, by the handful and by the slice.

  • Granola