Our grains are proud of their roots, and so are we. Like parents in search of a captive audience to adore each page of the family scrapbook, each frame of the slide show, we’ve made it easy for you to trace the life story of every young sprouted grain. From veganic farm to eco-friendly package, follow the engaging narrative of some extremely sheltered lives.

  • Trace Your Food

    One degree organics ingredients truth

    Can a grain be too honest? Not for our taste. That’s why we’ve included a QR code and alphanumeric code on each package. With a scan of your phone or click of your mouse, transport yourself to the family farms where our flavorful grains of truth began.

  • Mobile App


    To know a grain, pick up an Apple. Or any other smart phone. Once you download our free app, scan the square QR graphic on any of our packages and discover the delicious truth, and great adventure, behind each ingredient.